eBay away!
Posted February 1, 2006 at 02:01 am

Sorry for the late strip today, guys - Tuesday wound up being a loooooooooong day!

So I've decided to kick right into the eBay sales and get rid of some of my favorites first.
The idea so far is that I'm going to put 5 pieces up every week, in some kind of theme.
This week's theme is favorite convention sketch art - stuff I've had (or would have had!) at conventions, which have been eyed over and called "dibs" on, but never bought.
So here's your chance for some of the most often-claimed pieces I've got!

Among the work I'm selling are...

Avril Lavigne pencil sketches that I did last year, which were supposed to have been warm-ups for her recent (current?) tour's lunchbox design which I was asked to do (unfortunately for me, the group that was asking for the art decided to have in-house artists do the design last-minute... bummer!)...

A totally random sketch of a girl doing a cartwheel - my first time trying out Prisma grey markers...

A sign I posted at a convention (Pittsburgh 2004?), which features one of the my first drawings of Hazel in her GWS "outfit," months before the concept behind GWS was even created...

My first shot at using brush and ink (since grade school, that is), an inkwash of model Laetitia Casta in one of her early photo shoots. This one has been claimed several times, but never paid for and never picked up! ...

And the original pencil sketch used on The Happy Cactus Dance tee shirts! This is EASILY my favorite drawing EVER of everyone's favorite Irish talking cactus, McPedro.

I'm starting all the bids at $0.99, so you could be buying some art for REALLY cheap, guys! Have at it! (Click on the images above to go to their auctions!)

All the artwork will be up for about a week - happy bidding!!

PS some of the upcoming auction themes include fine art (paintings, ink drawings, etc.) and GWS concept art, just to give you an idea of what's coming up next!

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