Posted December 6, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Okay the title's a stretch (upsell? elf? get it??) but this strip was undoubtedly inspired by my stint as a caricature artist at Cedar Point Amusement Park back in 2002. We were encouraged to hurry the fuck up on our drawings, and sleazily upsell our customers to buy shitty overpriced frames to put their drawing in. 

(I loved that job, because I took my time on each caricature and made less on my paycheck because I refused to upsell the crappy frames, but made a bundle in cash tips from nice families. Best summer of my life!)

Here's the old post!

Speaking of upselling!! (But not in a shitty way.) If you or anyone you know would like one of those ten-pound, pretty, sparkly GWS compendiums, I'm packing & shipping them the next few weeks! If you're one of my Patreon patrons, I sent out a coupon code to ya, so be sure to check for that before checkout ($5 off and free bookplates for all patrons, plus free shipping for $5+ patrons). Here's a picture because this is a comic and we like pictures here:

There are a few other things in my Etsy shop if you're into like, small-town landscape studies or figure drawings (half price!) - coupons apply to those, too.

And in case you're into this kind of thing as much as I am: I repurpose almost all of the packing materials. Books are only shipped when I have enough pre-used bubble wrap to wrap them in (thanks to local townspeople, especially the beer & wine shop Hazel worked in), and prints are tucked in plant-based clear compostable sleeves, shipped in used envelopes with repurposed boards for stability. I ain't fuckin around!!

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS!! I rarely ship these books internationally because it's a hassle, but if you're interested, I'll fulfill international orders this month. Please send me an email at with "INTERNATIONAL" in the subject heading, and we'll get it figured out! If the shipping is too expensive for you to cover, I'll try to work with you. :)


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